Calvary Baptist Church
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Developing passionate followers of Christ
Welcome to the Calvary Counseling Center page.  I am Lyle Skeels, Associate Pastor, Counseling and Pastoral Ministries.  Retiring as a senior pastor and coming to Calvary nine years ago has opened opportunities to serve as an Elder, Sunday School teacher and now, Counselor and Trainer for the Calvary Counseling Center.  As a pastoral counselor we offer a faith based approach to the issues disrupting our lives and/or families.  Forty nine years ago God brought Fran and I together and, over the years, blessed us with two wonderful children and five grandchildren.
Our counselors bring their spiritual gifts, training and life experience guided by the Holy Spirit as a service to those in need.  You are invited to listen to the introductory sermon giving the foundation for this service.  
For access to Calvary Counseling Center email at or call the church office.
Lyle Skeels
Certified Faith Based Counselor, International Institute of Faith Based Counseling